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Programming the kiln

My glass journey

Throughout my working life as a marine biologist, I also pursued a fascination for working with glass. It is no surprise therefore, that my work conveys an intimate knowledge of and inspiration from the marine environment. I started my glass journey with leadlighting in the 1970’s and have progressively experimented and developed to my glass today involving extensive use of kiln-formed or fused and slumped glass. My current work ranges from studio pieces including freestanding works, window panels and plates to larger scale sculptures and windows.

An ongoing theme of my work has been the wave. I am fascinated by the fact that the waves we see have often been conceived in waters far far away, spawned by wind, magnified by storms and transported many kilometres as ocean swell to rise up in one final stand, breaking in a last display of energy before landing on the shore. I aim to capture that final moment in time using the watery qualities of glass.

My work also features the colourful underwater life of fish, seahorses, anemones, jellyfish, shells and many other sea creatures. More recently, I have created whimsical series of boats with exaggerated hulls inspired by the rise and fall of the tides.

In 2009, I finished working as a marine biologist and am now enjoying focusing on a career as a glass artist.

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